Cristo Rey DCP Holds Annual Draft Day Celebration

Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep held its annual student draft on July 28 on the newly-completed campus – the construction of which was financed using NMTC, arranged by Crescent Growth Capital.  In what has become a highlight of the year for the student body, the annual draft brings together CRDCP’s students and its corporate partners for a “draft” that places each student into his or her Corporate Work Study Program.

CRDCP’s Corporate Work Study Program is an innovative model of education that gives students a Catholic, college-preparatory education while earning work experience in a corporate setting. Four students rotate through the week to fill the position full-time.  Each student has an assigned day on which he or she works. On Friday, the four students rotate to share the fifth day of the week.  In each four-week span, each student will have one week in which he or she works two days. Student schedules are created so that students never miss a class.

Cristo Rey prepared a promotional video for the event: