Cristo Rey DCP Holds Annual Draft Day Celebration

Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep held its annual student draft on July 28 on the newly-completed campus – the construction of which was financed using NMTC, arranged by Crescent Growth Capital.  In what has become a highlight of the year for the student body, the annual draft brings together CRDCP’s students and its corporate partners for a “draft” that places each student into his or her Corporate Work Study Program.

CRDCP’s Corporate Work Study Program is an innovative model of education that gives students a Catholic, college-preparatory education while earning work experience in a corporate setting. Four students rotate through the week to fill the position full-time.  Each student has an assigned day on which he or she works. On Friday, the four students rotate to share the fifth day of the week.  In each four-week span, each student will have one week in which he or she works two days. Student schedules are created so that students never miss a class.

Cristo Rey prepared a promotional video for the event:

MAAS Aviation Alabama Part of Global Airbus Supply Chain

A beautifully-illustrated article, published in the New York Times Magazine on May 3, 2017, depicting the assembly of Airbus A320-series jetliners in Mobile, AL. Crescent Growth Capital’s client MAAS Aviation features prominently:


A Look Inside Airbus’s Epic Assembly Line: A confluence of political and economic forces has prompted
Europe’s largest airplane manufacturer to place a factory in Alabama
— and to create one of the world’s most gargantuan supply chains

The Rivard Report Article: The Neighborhood Place

From Chaos to Community: One of SA’s Oldest Nonprofits a Catalyst for Change, March 6, 2017

It’s a mess in the room where 18-year-old Ariel sleeps at her grandmother’s home on San Antonio’s Westside. In that, she’s a lot like many girls her age. But Ariel’s cluttered bedroom reveals her love for writing — always on paper — the many life stories she has to tell.

Adopted at age 5 with her three siblings after drug addiction overwhelmed their mother, Ariel is now a senior at Kennedy High School in the Edgewood School District. She’s also an expert with photo editing software, a skill she learned in a space that’s not only like home to her, but has also given her the chance to picture a different future for herself than what statistics predict.

The Neighborhood PlaceEl Hogar de Los Vecinos – sits at the intersection of the city’s three most economically challenged zip codes. This is where more than 28% of the population lives below the poverty line. In one day alone, there will be 600 child abuse calls to Child Protective Services (CPS) and 30,000 people will struggle to put food on the table.

To read the entire article, please follow this link.

To read more about the project and the associated NMTC financing, please follow this link